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I took a pioneer step to establish the first dedicated breast unit in Bangladesh providing facilities according to UK standard breast care. I have been providing comprehensive care, diagnostic and treatment services for people who have breast problems ranging from benign breast conditions to breast cancer at Breast care unit & research Centre at Anwer Khan Modern hospital. My unit comprises of a developed workforce and logistical support and has an optimum setup to run the breast Centre first time in Bangladesh.

I signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on 2nd March 2019 between Dr.Anwer Hossain Khan MP, Managing director of AKMMCH and was appointed as the advisor of this unit.

I have established an unique Centre from where the patient would be available to receive all sorts of services, support and assistance solely targeted towards breast care diagnosis and treatment.

Our unit have revolutionized breast cancer management and introduced the following first time ever in Bangladesh:

Insertion of 1st marker clip (hydro gel) in breast cancer patient before Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy which helps breast conserving surgery afterwards on 12th December 2018 by Dr.Ali Nafisa at AKMMCH on a 48 years old lady with IDC grade II.

2nd marker was placed on 9th July 2019 by me at AKMMCH and eventually we succeeded to insert 7 Hydromarkers in breast cancer patient prior to neo adjuvant chemotherapy.

First wire-guided wide local excision of the cancer and we are doing it regularly. We have successfully done 18 cases of wire guided wide local excision for non-palpable breast masses.

First nipple-sparing mastectomy with immediate silicon implant reconstruction was done in our breast unit creating history in a 40 years old patient with DCIS which was previous excised without any margin orientation (outside of our centre).

First nipple-sparing mastectomy with immediate ADM reconstruction was done first time ever in Bangladesh in a 28 years old patient with TP53 Positive breast cancer.

We have also done risk reducing surgery for TP53 positive breast cancer patient who had family history positive for cancer.

We have been doing sentinel lymph node biopsy regularly to avoid over the treatment of axillary clearance on many cases to minimise arm lymphedema.

I have, so far, trained 10 Surgeons including radiologists from Bangladesh each for about a month in our breast unit. They are Dr. Ali Nafisa, Dr. Jahangir Hossain, Dr. Khademul Islam, Dr. Afrin Sultana, Dr. Humaira Islam, Dr. Shamim Rima, Dr. Afrina Rimi, Dr. Samia Mubin, Dr. Rupsha Nura Laila and Dr. Munny Mumtaz.

I have run 4 live surgery workshop in Dhaka (BSMMU, 2 in AKMMC and Kurmitola General Hospital)

I am the Chief Editor of the book, “Breast diseases Management, steps towards better breast care”

I have lectured at BSMMU, AKMMC, and other hospitals in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to teach multidisciplinary management of breast cancer.  I want to dedicate myself promoting education and training and setting up a fully integrated breast unit in Bangladesh enabling us to provide most modern breast cancer management with a multidisciplinary approach. We need to seriously consider to change and develop ourselves embracing modern management of breast cancer in Bangladesh which is seriously lacking. 

I have attended as foreign faculty in various conferences/seminars in Bangladesh such as Bangladesh international cancer congress 2018 and 2019 by Oncology Club, America College of surgeon Bangladesh,  Chapter, Uttara Adhunik Medical College, Anwer Khan Modern Medical College etc.

Me and my team have organized 2nd Live Surgery & Workshop on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery at Anwer Khan Modern Medical College Hospital.

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  1. Bhagyashree Karmaker

    Thank you Sir for your contribution. I have learned so many things about Breast Cancer from your online posts. I Hope you will bring a positive change in our current medical system! Best wishes Sir!

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